All Inclusive Services


"The difficult we do right away, the impossible may take us awhile."


• Dry Ice Blasting

• Mold Remediation

• Smoke Damage Restoration

• Electrical Turbine Cleaning

• Cleaning of Factory Equipment


    We can perform high-level commercial or residential plumbing that will alleviate any stress you have been experiencing with your pipes or sewage system.

    Plumbing Services Include:
    • Complete Water Service            • Repairs            • Installation of Sewer Pipes            • Drain Cleaning Services          • Video Inspection

    *Hot Water Tank installation      * Sump pump replacement / Installation of new sump pump pits to completion  *

    •Turn key remodeling

      Water Extraction

      Our team of experts can deal with all types of water extraction from storm floods to leakage from household items. In most cases we dry until we have restored your property back to a suitable living condition without removing larger furniture out, Which reduces risk of further damages or loss to your valuables by moving off site and into storage rooms.



        REMODELING? What does that really mean? Well, its a very all encompassing can mean anything from replacing fixtures, furniture, painting, drywall or even a full construction project. When we think of remodeling we think of taking some part of our existing home and changing it. Whether the project is large or small, we can handle it. Find out more on what we can do by vising our AIS photo Gallery.



           Home Turnkey

          In real estate, turnkey is defined as a home or property that is ready for occupation for its intended purpose, ie., a home that is fully functional, needs no upgrading or repairs (move-in ready). 

          We take projects from investors or new home owners/buyers, to make a home move in ready whether it is contruction, new appliances installations, fixtures, etc.

          For more information on our services or any questions please call or email us!